Leasing and Marketing Manager

Real estate experience in student housing, multifamily housing, or hospitality is a MUST.
Reports To: General Manager
Supervises: Community Ambassadors
Position Objective
The Marketing/Leasing Manager's primary function is to directly manage all marketing and leasing efforts for our Company. The overall goal is to achieve a high rate of occupancy though attracting residents that meet our Company's credit standards. The Marketing/Leasing Manager will also assist the General Manager and other professional staff with the day to day operations.
Key Responsibilities
Create annual and/or period-specific marketing plans and budgets based on occupancy goals and market conditions. Consistently evaluate the plans and make changes as necessary. Track daily marketing/leasing results.
Leading by example, supervise the leasing team both on and off the property. Personally handle sales calls, tours, and presentations as necessary. Create a monthly office-leasing schedule. Oversee and review all leases for accuracy and completeness.
Develop and instruct in-depth training programs for leasing, touring and customer service procedures. Schedule and lead Community Ambassador meetings to discuss actual leasing, goals for the week, procedure updates and retraining.
Analyze macro and micro enrollment trends at primary and secondary universities/colleges for marketing opportunities. Complete annual market analysis reports including such criteria as enrollment, housing facilities, campus calendars and admission standards. Research campus calendars and identify high profile events (housing fairs, homecoming, and organizational events) that are marketing opportunities. Identify the student organizations and clubs on campus that are our target market. Research and identify key representatives in departments and organizations within the primary and secondary universities/colleges as student marketing opportunities. Network with key (decision making) university/college representatives in order to market to student groups.
Complete a weekly competitive property analysis report (traffic, occupancy, lease rates, incentives). Report new housing developments and any planned development within the market and identify how such development may affect the property and what modifications would need to be made at the property.
Other Responsibilities
As part of implementing the marketing plan, identify student-oriented businesses that may provide additional marketing opportunities to our target audience. Network with key decision making representatives of these businesses in order to market to their student customers, emphasizing cross promotional opportunities.
All members of the Team are responsible for maintaining our Company standards - unwritten guidelines that emphasize professional appearance and customer service values. The Marketing Manager is responsible for maintaining the professional appearance of:
The model unit, all leasing and touring areas
The uniform standard for Community Ambassadors and other office personnel
All marketing and collateral materials
All advertising (print ads, radio spots, etc.)
The Marketing Manager is responsible for the professional leasing and customer service standards demonstrated by CAs and other staff.
Qualifications and Requirements:
Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
Ability to handle multiple projects and priorities with a strong attention to detail
Excellent verbal and communication skills with the ability to present thoughts and ideas clearly
Experience with social networking sites preferred
Strong desire to expand personal horizons, strive to be the best and desire to be part of creating something special
Must maintain the highest level of confidentiality
Time Requirements
The Marketing/Leasing Manager is expected to work a minimum of 40 hours per week. As part of their normal working hours, professional staff will be expected to work occasional evenings and weekends. There will be times when professional staff will be expected to work more hours in order to attend special events (housing fairs, campus orientations, community events). All staff is expected to work extra hours to assist with resident move-ins and move-outs.

Don't Be Fooled

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